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Maritime Replicas began with seeking to try to emulate the "legendary" British Model builder Bassette Lowke, who were so revered and respected for the highest of Standards and accuracy in the early years of the 20th century, but, alas they were no more!

The use of the scale BRASS is little known and used anywhere else!! WHY do we use BRASS?

• No other material can provide such accuracy and finest of detail!
• Possible to "acid etch" all openings, gratings, ventilator grilles, in finest details - no decals!!! Resists the problems of other model materials of "differential movement" and deterioration.
• Longevity surpasses all other materials, and thus "heirloom" models are unsurpassed!

  • We build models from 6 inches to 20 feet!
  • We build all models from one model to 1000 of models!
  • We build all of our models custom, and individually handcrafted!
  • We build models of any ship!
  • We build models from fine scale brass!

The ship models within these pages have all been previously produced by our excellent craftsmen.

Some of our most popular replicas include:

  • R.M.S. Queen Mary 2
  • R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth
  • R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth 2
  • T.M.S. Normandie
  • T.S.S. France
  • S.S. Norway
  • R.M.S. Lusitania
  • Andrea Doria

25 years

25 years ago, Maritime Replicas based in Kissimmee, FL was established with the aim of providing unique & extremely accurate model ships. We have been researching, updating & improving the design & quality ever since with very positive client feedback from individual fastidious collector Clients Worldwide. To some of the biggest Cruise Lines, Merchant Shipping Lines, Import and Maritime Museums & the US Government.


Client experience that cannot be exceeded whether the biggest or the smallest. We aim to deliver to our client a “personal attention at all times."

Model Ship

Model Working Ship


Our models are not built from wood, but in order to provide an everlasting finely accurate product, we opted for a combination of acrylic & fine scale BRASS with the hull finely molded from fiber reinforced resin for detail strength all of which is not subject to any “differential movement” & cracking.

Hand Crafted

Our models are "individually hand-crafted” by craftsmen dedicated to complete client satisfaction but software equipment to achieve a more highly technically accurate Replica.

Custom Experience

We do not keep “inventory” as all clients have different criteria & therefore we provide the custom service that is very rare today but most models take only 3 months to produce!


Please email or phone for information on "pricing” & model requirement as we do not keep inventory, due to the massive ‘permutations & combinations” that would be necessary for various scales, length, colors, and details of each individual ship!

Instead all of our models are “custom” & “are” individually handcrafted’ completely in a general period of 3 months from the time to order & obtaining necessary drawings & color photographs!

We request a 5o% “down payment with your order – with the balance payable at the completion of the models & approval of a detailed a gallery of photographs. Giving the final ability of the client to make either corrections & or additions prior to shipping!

Shipping & insurance is a separate payment by the client with various options & factor such as vat & local special taxes!

Marina 2


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