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                       August 2014


                                   We wish you warm greetings and a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous 2014.  

                                  Thank you for visiting our Website and I hope that we are able to supply you with the                                                                             model or models that you seek.

                                  If you are a new visitor to our website, I welcome you most sincerely, I have been very                                                                           lax with my News in the past few months, for which I apologize, as I know that I have                                                                             many friends and business friends around the world who advise me that they look forward                                                                     to reading about the progress of.

                                  We are extremely grateful to our most valued Clients for their continued confidence in us                                                                       & their continued commitments to us & we look forward to a very exciting & busy future,                                                                         as we not only produce the BEST possible models, but in our small way, we believe we add to                                                               the “Heritage & Preservation of the Shipping & Cruise Line Business” of this period                                                                     of history..!


                                 We have now relocated our Workshop as well as reorganizing production staff of the highest                                                                   caliber, as we continue to reach

                                 for the best products possible, at reasonable cost highest value.

                                Similarly we have begun the new year with a necessary relocation of our Miami Studio in order                                                                to expand our research & development with our Workshop.



                                                                   Britanis Scale 1: 200


                                     I have a separate studio where I have an atmosphere & environment that helps greatly with                                                                    my research, development and relationships directly with clients regarding the details of the                                                                    models to be built and being built by us.

                                    Initially, I wish to repeat from my previous News the words on a Billboard here in Miami that                                                                    we have adopted as our motto: “CHEAP AIN’T GOOD & GOOD AIN’T CHEAP”.


                                                                               Hull 147 "Polaris"  &  Hull 148 "Regulus"  Scale 1:75



                                    Resulting from this, we have had several positive comments and I take this opportunity of                                                                        including one of them.

                                                      “At first when I read on Maritime Replicas” web site their motto that “good ain’t cheap , and cheap ain’t                                                                                                                              good”, I thought my self that it was just a clever promotional sound bite. However, after been a customer for                                                                                                                       nearly  three years and purchasing nine museum quality reproductions (I think it’s a crime to call them “models”)                                                                                                                I can honestly say that it is not a sales gimmick,  Rather it is an approach to the work that they do and                                                                                                                                 recognition that the products  that they produce are indeed worthy of  exhibition in any museum                                                                                                                                             around the world. I highly recommend Maritime. Replicas to every ship enthusiast who is serious about                                                                                                                                owning    a true work of art. If quality matters then Maritim Replicas matters to you.

                                         Jose I Valdes
                                         Coral Gables, Florida


                                    As previously advised, a “new page turned in my life” this year and the future of Maritime                                                                       replicas should hopefully benefit from the motivation, further research and development of                                                                     new ideas and projects; and all of this has resulted in the stimulation needed in such an                                                                         enterprise as Maritime replicas..!

                                   Finally we have been able to re-create our web site & as it is different in composition we are                                                                  finalizing it, gradually over the next couple of weeks, as we keep adding & completing all we                                                                  wish to convey..!

                                   We hope you will return & see what we are able to offer?


                                                                                                     Coming Soon.! S.S. Bremen

                                                                               The Model will be the version of tall funnels



                                     Previously we have overlooked a Home Page-advising you of our background and now we                                                                   include what we hope will be of interest and more knowledge of our desire to help in the                                                                         preservation of the heritage of the shipping industry in the past 100 years or so & we have                                                                     made it our WELCOME page..!

                                   Our “Collectors” friends and we hope  new friends will hopefully be pleased that we have                                                                        commenced the "R.M.S. AQUITANIA" and we are studying the drawings and details to                                                                            commence the "Michael Angelo" "Rafaello" as well as the early version of the famous                                                                          German Vessel "BREMEN" for which we are already receiving orders.!!!   

                                 “R.M.S. CARONIA”----- The famous Millionaires “GREEN GODDESS” has been                                                                                   completed & we are taking order for her ----- as well as the delightful “ANDREA DORIA”..!!!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Andrea Doria




                                   I personally researched very deeply & worked very closely on these projects & ALL possible                                                                 information was collected to offer you THE most accurate models of these two vessels yet..!!!

                                  Comments regarding these new models to add to our “Liners of legend” series are always                                                                  appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you..!

                                 We just received yet another welcome email from one of our Clients regarding the model of                                                                    the S.S France and I share it with my readers:

                                “Parcel has been received today morning without any problem due to transportation. Very                                                                       good and strong packaging which has protected efficiently the model FANTASTIC                                                                                  reproduction, with numerous and fine details, of the most beautiful ocean liner of every                                                                           time, in my opinion. Congratulations and thank you very much again.







                                  We wish everyone to know that we NEVER build out of wood and never use decals except                                                                     the name on the bow and stern which is very different from the construction methods of other                                                                companies.



                                                                                                                                          Lusitania Scale 1: 200


                                  The success of Maritime Replicas thus far is, to a large extent, the special construction                                                                         that we have perfected with a finely molded Fiberglass hull with the superstructure from                                                                         fine scale materials including BRASS “sheet” that is very carefully fabricated, all by the                                                                           hands of our Craftsmen in our workshop which provides us with the ability to provide                                                                              special   futures such as actual window openings behind which we place tinted                                                                                        plexiglass  and achieve  very realistic results plus the finest degree of accuracy in                                                                                    all possible details of the model.



                                                                                                                                                                     Our Brass Construction



                                  Other model companies build their models from MAHOGANY with a combination of other                                                                     woods, resin, putty & some  metals, plus the use of decals.

                                  It is also noticeable of how many model companies use the "Throw away" line "MUSEUM                                                                     QUALITY"

                                  We do not use that description as it is basically meaning glass.



                                                                                                    Seabourn Sojourn, Quest and Odyssey     


                                On the other hand, with the experience that we obtained in providing 13 "Very accurate &                                                                     detailed" models to a new MARITIME MUSEUM early in our infancy we  had to obey the                                                                     "World wide" "STANDARDS OF MARITIME MUSEUM"
                                We therefore do not hesitate in providing a written "LIFETIME GUARANTEE" against it                                                                       any faulty workmanship or finish.
                                Our models range in size from 6” inch, 12''inch and 15” inch lengths for PROMOTIONAL                                                                       & GIFT MODELS in quantities of a minimum of 100 -- to 20 feet, being the largest thus                                                                         far with all scales requested by our clients being attended to..!!!



                                                                                                                    SeaBourn Quest 15" Gift Model



                                 We do not use decals (that eventually dry out and crack) and by utilizing “one”  medium                                                                        for the structure, we avoid the age-old problem of various different materials having                                                                             “differential movement” that over time and varying temperatures suffer from “cracking”.

                                The most modern of 21 Century modeling techniques are used with assistance of computer                                                                  software and “laser” cutting to assist our highly expert craftsmen.        

                                We can also add “movement” to any model above a 1:200 scale vessel by radio control and                                                                 also to OFF-SHORE Oil Rig model as we have previously produced for education or exhibition.



                                                                                                                                                             Semi Submersible Oil Rig Model  " Global Santa Fe"




                                 On a commercial basis our Classic models are produced in “groups” of a minimum of 5..!

                                 This system of group-order allows us to produce them at very efficient costs, which at the                                                                      same time allow us to offer them to you for 1/5 of the price that a Master Modeler would have                                                                to charge for similar model..! and therefore, make reproductions available to thousands of                                                                     collectors and Shipping Companies who would otherwise go without.




                                                                                                      R.M.S. Queen Mary-1936



                                Because we were approached on innumerable occasions by passengers or as a promotional                                                               gift, as more & more and wanted a small, reasonable price replica of the ship as a souvenir we                                                             commenced our very finely detailed, accurate and very unique GIFT MODEL series, produced                                                             from a combination of highest quality resin and acid etched BRASS at a very acceptable price                                                             these then developing into similar size/scale PROMOTIONAL MODELS for both Cruise Lines                                                               AND many varied companies for which we are most grateful and continue such development.

                                We have had a very busy recent period with many varied projects that continue to stimulate                                                                 our efforts to provide the BEST possible models in the world at competitive prices.

                                 If you are a new visitor to Maritime Replicas, we do not provide a huge list of models, but we                                                                produce mainly CUSTOM models of the finest standard; but we do have a limited number of                                                                CLASSIC SHIPS in stock for immediate shipment.

                                 Please note that all CLASSIC SHIP models are generally to the scale of 1:350

                                 But we are able to supply CUSTOM models to any SCALE.

                                 All of the vessels depicted on our Web are models that we have produced and can produce                                                                  again (generally) and to any scale.

                                 The photos do not necessarily indicate that such vessels are “in stock” nor the scale or length                                                               is “fixed”! it is not possible to keep large inventory of so many varied ships in the World & one                                                               size or scale limits our ability to work with our Clients for their very specific requirements...!!!                                                                 Keeping any inventory calls for an incalculable permutation & computation..!!!

                                  We can supply ANY vessel to ANY length or scale and it is to be noted that many replicas                                                                     have been produced up to 20’ feet in length the most dramatic one being at Port Canaveral                                                                   with one side of its shell being removed and all of the interior furniture and furnishings very                                                                   accurately replicated from the actual vessel being carefully modeled in very fine detail.

                                  We also BUILT the most accurate model of the Titanic to the scale of 1: 48&18 feet long                                                                   but we did not indicate rivets.!!! And it is still on world tour as far as we know.

                                  It is very exciting to find that we are being recognized more in the field of MEGA YACHTS /                                                                   SUPER YACHTS, & we have a happy new Client with our models of his latest yacht ---                                                                         DAUNTLESS 73--- for “Dauntless Yachts”.










                                                                                       Edmund Fitzgerald

                                   Recently we completed The Edmund Fitzgerald to the scale of 1: 48 this model being 16'                                                                      feet long & also radio control



                                   We have realized that for too long, the MERCHANT MARINE has not been as popular with                                                                  Model Companies, as were Cruise Ships, Sailing Ships and Tall Ships.

                                   We wish to correct this situation & we are beginning a series of what we believe were/are                                                                      Classic Merchant ships so that members of the Merchant Marine can obtain a model of a                                                                      ship that is “similar” to ships he has enjoyed sailing on.!!!

                                   These will be in group of 5 --- but this does not affect anyone wanting a specific Custom                                                                         model of a specific ship --- & as long as we obtain drawings or even descriptive photographs                                                                + length & other statics we can bring our past knowledge & experience to bear & provide a                                                                     very close replica of that vessel.!!!


                                    We wish to note that our research indicates that there does not seem to be anyone in the                                                                    “Model World”, producing “special” SHIP MODELS for the very large & wonderful hobby of                                                                     MODEL RAILROADING layouts, such as the S.S BADGER car ferry.



                                                                                                                                                                                              S.S. Badger 


                                    Amongst other very important Clients, we note one particular client who had sailed for six                                                                     months on the S.S. PRESIDENT HARRISON prior to beginning his professional career.                                                                      The drawings were very basic, the few photos from this client were faded and not very                                                                           helpful the only color photo was a postcard of the ship passing under Golden Gate Bridge.

                                   He has now received his models and we let his comments in email speak for itself.



                                                                                                                  Happy Clients.!!!


                                  “Yesterday, DHL delivered the model that we have been working on for the last to years,                                                                        The packaging was strong and the model arrived in excellent condition.   As you know,                                                                          I spend 5 months on this ship in 1968 sailing around the world as a deck cadet in the US                                                                      MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY. Because the ship no longer exists in its original form,                                                                      you had to create a plan almost from scratch using a copy of the general arrangement plan                                                                  and some old photos. I know at times it was very frustrating dealing with the client who knew                                                                the details of the vessel which you were modeling, but the result is just spectacular. The level                                                                of detail for a model of the scale is something I have never seen before. This is truly a                                                                         “museum quality” model. I have the model here in my office and it brings back fond memories                                                                when I look at it”.

                                   We also produced a large quantity of a small DIORAMA of a PUSHER TUG pushing a group                                                                of barges up the Mississippi River, with one of the company’s freighters adjacent.



                                                                                                                            Pusher Tug. 



                                    We have a delightful relationship with our client and he also wrote to us:

                                   “I wanted to let you know the models have been a big success. Everyone that has receive                                                                     one is very appreciative and honored” to have received such a nice gift. They are really a                                                                     big hit. We have send out 110 of the 160, we haven’t received comments from everyone                                                                       yet but the majority have send us thank you notes or called to thank us”.


                                   Our very finely detailed 15”inch GIFT MODELS are being recognized more and more and                                                                    we are very excited about orders for two very large CRUISE LINES, as well a further order                                                                    from Edinburgh for more models of the R.Y. BRITANNIA specially in the 60th year of reign                                                                    of the popular Queen Elizabeth.




                                                                                       British Royal Yacht - "Britannia"


                                    We completed a group of PROMOTIONAL MODELS of a very interesting ship called                                                                             WOOD CHIP CARRIER, and we are pleased that we have yet another happy client.                                                                             A large number of models of OCENIA’s new “MARINER”.




                                                                                                                                                   Ocenia's "Marina"



                                    We are very pleased  that a number of large Companies are commissioning us to                                                                                 Produce models for Exhibition & Marketing of their new ships concurrently with the                                                                               building of their actual ship or ships, & an example is the commission to build many                                                                               models of the relatively new “MARINER” for OCEANIA..!

                                    We also produced large scale models of the new “SEABOURN” luxury vessels the                                                                                 SEABOURN ODYSSEY” and SEABOURN QUEST as well as two exotic yachts for                                                                               MARRIOTTI’s Shipyards, the M.T. RAHIL and the “M.Y.EXPEDITION” & our latest                                                                                 yacht models for DAUNTLESS



                                                                      Seabourn "Quest & Sojourn"


                                                                   Princess Cruises - Royal Princess


                                     Other large companies gave us very impressive orders including our old friends                                                                                    “PRINCESS” and “CUNARD” and some years of endeavor to obtain European                                                                                    Cruise Lines as clients we finally achieved with the commissioning by Mediterranean                                                                            Shipping Companies (MSC) for numerous models of its new MSC DIVINA followed                                                                               by The M.S.C PRESIOZA!


                                                                                  M.S.C. "Divina & Preziosa"



                           Merchant Marine: Typical Bulk Carrier Model


                                                                                                                      Chem Ranger



                                     In the last four months I flew to Portland, Oregon Port & measured & photographed                                                                              all of the complex deck of piping & structures for a most valued Client & the model is                                                                            now near completed.

                                     Another complex project that we take pride is being able to produce & give high                                                                                    satisfaction in all respects.


                                      Naval Models:

                                                                                                U.S.S. Normandy


                                     For “shipment” or our models to our Clients is a very important aspect of our                                                                                          Company research as we do not wish to spend three months of intense fine                                                                                          work building a beautiful model only to have it in a thousand pieces in two seconds                                                                                due to mishandling in transit.
                                     We now double box for models over 3 feet (1 meter) with a wooden crate box and                                                                                  special foam.

                                     The models are packed professionally; crated where necessary and can be                                                                                            shipped via a professional international mover, airfreight, courier service or sea                                                                                      freight.All shipping charges and insurance are additional and to be prepaid by the                                                                                  Client prior to shipping but Maritime Replicas will assist in every way possible.

                                     Our models are DUTY FREE, in accordance with the INTERNATIONAL TARIFF                                                                                    CODE as they are “handcrafted” and therefore, classified as “WORKS OF ART”.                                                                                 however we can not allow for special IMPORT "TAXES" that may be levied by                                                                                        various countries.

                                     We have much more to tell, but we will leave that for our next News update.

                                     Thanks once again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

                                     Ciao..!!! and very best wishes,



                                                                                                                                   Warren Samut