We celebrate the 26th year since we founded MARITIME REPLICAS
by making a number of "Overstock" ship models available at a discount until Christmas if ordered early.
They would be delivered prior to Christmas, either as a gift to a loved one or a gift to yourself!!


Overstock Specials

TSS France

Overstock Specials

SS Norway

RMS Queen Mary 2

RMS Queen Mary 2

RMS Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary


MSC Preziosa

SS Andrea Doria

SS Andrea Doria

RMS Queen Elizabeth

RMS Queen Elizabeth

RMS Caronia

RMS Caronia

                                         All liner models above have a scale of 1:350 & all models have the same reduced price of US $2,350.00, plus                                                                                                                      shipping & insurance to your address!!



                          The News of MARITIME REPLICAS for 2016

*I am sorry for the gap in writing the news of our company for so long, but many things have happened during this year that have consistently delayed me!! We have had major "relocation" of our American base to a most delightful city, together with the relocation of our workshop also, both of which are excellent moves, but had to be integrated with our work in continuing the 25 years that we have concentrated on "aiming" to produce the best replicas of ship of all kinds --- Cruise ships, Merchant ships, Naval ship & models for the discerning collectors of the world!

 Maritime Replica   Maritime Replica

*We celebrate two Anniversaries this year --- one being the 175th Anniversary of the CUNARD Line and, secondly, the 25th Anniversary of MARITIME REPLICAS!!

We have built Replicas of the legendary Queen Elizabeth 2(QUE2) for many years, but we have also built  many models for CUNARD, of Queen Mary2 (QM2) and the two new Queens --- Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth!!

In order to provide more historical CUNARD replicas for Collectors to add to their CUNARD collection                                                                                                    we are now  about to produce three of the older, but generally famous Atlantic Liners,



                                      *LACONIA -- pictured below

 Maritime Replica

*We have recently added another Judge to our list of satisfied clients along with a Surgeon, who writes:


 Have to thank you again. My third ship replica arrived last week. I had originally purchased a model back in 1995. So glad you are still making the models as none compare to yours. I received the S.S. Norway last month and last week the Queen Elizabeth. These models are spectacular and your quality is still fantastic.

Thank you again and looking forward to getting at least one more.

                   - Mike

*A very fascinating, very challenging & very unique project was entrusted to us during the year: ---and new concept in OFF SHORE OIL RIGS ---the 12000 ser for SEMBCORP in Houston!---a double Derrick design, but very complex below water level where we worked alongside the client in a number of variations below sea level, plus the requirement for a cut away section of 25% of the base to show the inner workings!!

 Maritime Replica

Finished JUST on time for the Official Function & Dinner to announce the new concept, our model being on display at the entry area!!

We were honored during the year to produce a number of special models of the USNS HOWARD O. LOREZEN, operated by the Military Sealift Command & to conduct missions sponsored by the US AIR FORCE---& as a result we have been made a Vendor to the US.

25th Anniversary of MARITIME REPLICAS

*Subsequent to the atrocious attack on Paris we note a word that our leaders have been advising us for a long time---be VIGILANT!!!  Recently we had a request for a model of the famous, beautiful & very Historic BALTIMORE CLIPPER SCHOONER---VIGILANT!!!

We produced her & her graceful & elegant lines are as evident as she was admired during her long history---  a  model that would always remind of tragedy & evil having to be defeated so that this wonderful life can be fully enjoyed!!

25th Anniversary of MARITIME REPLICAS

*A very interesting client from "Down Under" is fascinated by the wreck of the SS PRESIDENT COOLIDGE which was the first American Cruise Ship to be destroyed by internal bombs at Vanuatu at the beginning of WWII! Our client is an avid diver & visits Vanuatu on many occasions to dive on the wreck & has now ordered models of her!!

25th Anniversary of MARITIME REPLICAS


Some companies have attempted to build a model of the "SHIP BEAUTIFUL" as she was known,---the famous                                                       "AQUITANIA", but it is obvious that the information available to them was limited.\

After a long period we have finally obtained "original" Architect's drawing of this well-loved liner of the very early 20th century, & we are now ready to commence production of her & to add to our classic Atlantic Liner Series!

We hope that our "Collector" community has not "given up" & we wait its response!

We hope to please many of you!!

She will be a fine & accurate detail as our model of the of the infamous LUSITANIA, that proved very popular!!

See a partial photograph of the 20 feet long model of Aquitania that graced one of the Queen Elizabeth's Dinning Rooms & became so famous to so many, especially when lit internally!!

Details of this magnificent model were carefully copied during the happy cruises that I experienced on the QE2!!

Maritime ReplicasMaritime Replicas

AQUITANIA                                                                                LUSITANIA

*In the wake of the horrific massacre of such innocent people in Paris, we have received several inquiries as to the availability of our model of the beautiful & so elegant SS FRANCE!

We have a number of models available that were part of a production.

 This ship exemplifies the magnificent design prowess of the French in all possible areas---clothing, wine, perfume, footwear, & a host of other items & may the "FREE WORLD" join together quickly as ONE group with our political thought & eradicate the ISIS vermin from ALL countries & bring the world to a peaceful existence that we all crave!!

Maritime Replicas   

                Model Train Ship Models

                        From the number of inquiries that we receive, it is evident that the Model Train Hobby is not being                                                     catered for as far as affordable model of ships to include in their layouts---both cruise ships &                                                             Merchant ships at a dock loading & unloading materials, grain & etc we are now developing a 1:87                                                   scale Waterline ideas to overcome this lack of previous service to this very important & huge group                                                   of Modellers in the fascinating world of "TRAINS!!!

                        I was back in Australia & I know the intensity of interest this hobby creates & I will always be available                                               to dicuss what may be desired & try to keep within budget but STILL provide the quality that Maritime                                               Replicas is recognized for!!

Maritime Replicas

               *A Moran Tug Boat ---"Grace Moran"

                       *Recently we were approached by a most pleasant gentleman in Norway to see if we would build the                                                 very popular GRACE MORAN, & he had ALL of the original Architect's drawings & details which he                                                   is sending to us!!!

                        We believe that this Household name of Moran Tugs---especially in New York---would have a wide                                                    appeal & we intend to investigate her price for several different sizes & will produce models of her                                                     if she is as popular as we believe she is!!

                        We spoke to a member of the Moran Family to obtain permission to build this delightful vessel & he                                                   gratefully gave his permission & would like to see our progress!!!!

Maritime Replicas

                 Mairtime Art

                                  We have begun a new field for those who love ships & could not afford the price for paintings by the                                                                            "masters" (which they deserve) & we have contracted with a studio that will produce beautiful OIL                                                                                       PAINTINGS ON CANVAS that will grace any room or area with an elegant frame!!

                                       We have made a selection mainly from photographs that we believe could/would, appeal to many ---but                                                                                          we are able to produce any photograph that you may have of a ship or your own personal yacht or boat                                                                                            at extremely reasonable prices!!

                                        No finished painting is sent to you until a photograph of it is submitted for your approval first, & in the                                                                                                  contiguous Lower 48 States the Shipping is included!!

maritime replicas

                                         That's all for now----& I will advise when two very fascinating models of ships that are in design or                                                                                                           construction  & have on a "Non-Disclosure" Agreement at this time, can be made public!!


                         Don't forget our friends Down Under if you wish to book a cruise                                                         in the Southern Hemisphere!!! Just click on the Home page,                                                                 Koalas are wonderful animals!!!!!!

Ciao & God Bless,

- Warren

  maritime replicas