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Welcome to 
Maritime Replicas

Welcome to 
Maritime Replicas

Handcrafted Museum Standard
Maritime Reproductions

Uncompromised Detail • Competitive Cost

Maritime Replicas - a Relatively small company whereas everyone involved has a passion for the sea and ships- specializes in the "individual handcraft" production of every type of vessel that sails- or has sailed- on the Seven Seas!

Maritime Replicas was founded some 25 years ago in 1987, with the single purpose of striving to be the FINEST and Best company of its kind in the world and to produce not only the finest models possible but to produce them at a price that the average collector and/or company would find reasonable and within a practical budget related to "quality".

Ships have a magic magnetism and have a universal appeal - possibly because of the reputation that they have gained in the past from carrying cargo and passengers from the four corners of the world, as well as assisting in the connecting of the continents and the progress of many countries.

We are "passionate" about our dedication to producing the most accurate and most finely detailed model and we are very proud to be the Model Makers to many of the most distinguished Cruise Lines and Shipping Companies in the world today.

Whether you are the owner of a small motor launch, sailing yacht, Mega or Super Yacht-or you are a Company with Cruise ships, Merchant ships, Off-shore, Oil Rig operators or owner, or Port Authorities- we can provide the most accurate and pleasing replica for either your please or for board room, lobby, office den- of for exhibition, convention, education or the like.

From our fine scale Brass fabrication to lacquer finish

Our Objective

Our original objective was to present models of the 20th Century "Atlantic Liners", with a commitment to "excellence" of the highest degree possible that had never previously been presented commercially.

We chose the scale of 1:350, which provided a length around 3 feet, of most liners that were generally of an approximate length of 1,000 feet.

Actually, there were NO high quality models of the Great Liners available at that time and in fact, no models of any of the liners at all, which was quite amazing, and involvement with the hobby was only available to those who could afford $12,000 to $15,000- or even more- to be individually produced in limited numbers by a few Ships Model Craftsmen.


Handcrafted Ship Models

At Maritime Replicas, we build our model ships with two materials. With the use and marriage of these two unit materials, we eliminate the possibility of cracking, a problem found among many traditional wood models.

The hull is cast in superior fiberglass for strength and superb accuracy, including weld line inputs, discharge ports, and countless other subtle parts found on the actual ship. Meanwhile, fine-scale brass is used for the superstructure of our model ships. With turned brass for masts and booms, as well as small parts composed with brass moldings, we aim to build the highest-quality fine-scale, handcrafted ship models. Invariably classified as heirlooms, our clients have advised us that model ships from Maritime Replicas are of the best quality and craftsmanship that they have yet to find.

Uniquely Handcrafted

We only employ the most talented and dedicated modelers and craftsmen or craftswomen. Our team creates the most meticulous ship replicas, and all models are 100% individually handcrafted.

AS you know I spent 5 months on this ship in 1968 sailing around the world as a DECK CADET in the U.S MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY!

Because this ship no longer exists in its original form you had to create a plan almost from scratch using a copy of the GENERAL ARRANGEMENT PLANS & some old photos!

I know at times it was very frustrating dealing with a Client who knew the details of the vessel which you were modeling but the result is just spectacular & the level of detail of a model of this scale is some things I have never seen before!

Client Satisfaction



Maritime Collector Ships

At Maritime Replicas, we relate our standards to the Ship Model Classification Guidelines of the Mystic Seaport Museum Stores in Mystic, Connecticut.

You can find our museum-standard ship models in several prestigious locations, including The White House, The Mariners’ Museum, The Australian National Maritime Museum, The Australian War Memorial, and The Pentagon, as well as high-profile shipping companies, cruise lines, yachting clubs, and in the collections of countless fastidious collectors worldwide.

Commission for Model Ship Building - Pricing & Payments

Please contact us via our contact form or call 305.921.9690 for information on pricing and model requirements. Our scale model ships  are custom and individually handcrafted in approximately four months after receipt of a down payment. We request a 50% down payment of your authentic maritime replica with the balance payable at the completion of your order. You will be provided with detailed photographs of your project, allowing you to request any final changes or additions before delivery.


Fine Scale BRASS casting Guns!

FPSO - Very fine accurate detail

Ro Ro Barber Tamps (This model in the Australian National Maritime Museum)

US COAST GUARD "fast Response boat"