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Our Company

Our Company

Queen Victoria Close-Up

Our Beginning

Maritime Replicas was founded some 25 years ago by Architect Warren Samut, together with a young Master Modeler from Korea, with the single purpose of striving to provide the BEST possible model ships of all types in the world – as only those with “deep pockets” could afford the limited number of Master Modelers to create a model of their particular naval ships or that of historical significance.

Our Mission

To provide the world’s finest marine models at the highest standards of accuracy and finish, using meticulous attention to authenticated detail!

We studied and researched every type of ship, from the past “LINERS of the ATLANTIC” to all forms of Merchant ships, workboats, the beginning of the CRUISE SHIP, Cargo ships and PORTS & Yachts and Super Yachts, to name a few, and how we would construct the Ship models from “what materials” – with the very serious understanding about “different movement” of various materials that will cause and general deterioration over time!

Innovation & Production

All models are produced from fine scale BRASS sheet, brass castings & turnings, with hulls molded from premium quality “FRP”.

Construction methods unique to MARITIME REPLICAS, using these special materials, result in a model that has Lifetime Guarantee against warping or “differential movement” due to temperature variations.

Acid etch/Photo etching of windows, doors, vents, etc. provide unsurpassed detail!

Our models are produced to exacting premium standards by a team that includes two knowledgeable architects, a Naval Engineer, two highly qualified designers, and over twenty experienced craftsman and technicians.

We utilize original “General Arrangement” drawings as the basis for production, but have ALSO individually measured and photographed vessels ON SITE, when GA drawing are not available!

There is nothing wrong with the age-old method of the “plank on frame” system of building hulls with wood superstructure, however, “fine scale BRASS” or a combination of “acrylic” and “BRASS” allows that much more flexibility – at the same time eliminating the problems associated with “differential movement” and stickers and/or decals for windows.


Some of our dedicated modellers at work.

Global Clients

Sample of our cut-away ability in an early toten ship.

Global Clients

Maritime Replicas has been contracted to build models for a range of Shipping Companies, Government Institutions, major Corporations, Museums, Private Collections and individual wishing to own a premium piece of “art” that holds positive memories of a special journey, cruise or work environment – either Civil or Naval.

We have constructed a 20 foot model of famous Cruise Ship that has one side omitted to show all of the rooms, spaces, furniture, carpets, etc. that is the “Centerpiece of its Terminal – an 18 foot long TITANIC that was built for a Exhibition; plus very large and “accurate” models of two OFF SHORE Oil Rigs for Global Santa Fe – the models being specially designed to be electronically controlled to show very accurately the movement of a Drill Pipe from its Storage Rack to eventual entry to the sea bed!

Client inspecting Santa Fe semi-submersible Model

These are only a few of our unique and special abilities in the very large and intricate sphere of Presentation models! On the other hand, we have a section of our skilled craftsmen and women who specialize in small GIFT/Promotional models for ideal Marketing purposes, as well as Collectors!

Some of our clients include: Cunard Line, RCI, Star Cruise, NCL, Silversea, Horn back, Edison Chouest, the US Coast Guard, the Panama Canal Authority, the Pentagon, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Australian War Memorial, the Memphis City Council, Seaway Heavy Lifting and Rotterdam Maritime Museum, as well as our famous Mariner’s Museum… and so our list continues!

Direct Selling

We own our own Workshop and there are neither agents nor middlemen for our ship models. Our prices are not inflated by a second party or even a third party – but directly from our Workshop.

The cheap models may resemble a particular ship and the price may look very inviting – and they may “withstand” the 20 foot test – but NOT the 2 foot test! They are inaccurate in so many ways and have no resale value.


Maritime Replicas' Motto: “Good ain’t cheap & Cheap ain’t good”

In contrast to our building method, one Company actually admits on its Website that his models have a “solid” mahogany hull, plus a variety of woods, putty, resin and metals – a certain prescription for determination is not too distant future.

Maritime Replicas gives a serious WARRANTY against any “faculty” constructions or finish, for a minimum of 10 years. We cannot help reprinting part of the Site of “Model Shipmasters” that states in no uncertain language, his attempt for two of our mutual competitors:

Queen Victoria Close-Up

Queen Victoria Close-Up


Our Queen Mary 2 Close-up

Our Queen Mary 2 Close-up

Our Queen Mary 2

Our Queen Mary 2


Their Queen Mary 2 Close-up

Their Queen Mary 2 Close-up

Their Queen Mary 2

Their Queen Mary 2

Special Projects

Maritime Replicas has specialized in the production of many large, highly praised models of various vessels – a 20 foot long 1:48 scale Exhibition model of the TITANIC for Memphis City: two 8 foot high Exhibition models of both a SEMI-SUBMERSIBLE & a JACK-UP OFF shore oil rings that were electronically controlled to show the procedure in picking up Drill Pipes and the various movements ending with the pipe being driven into the Sea Bed.

Preparation of Plans for Model Building

If you wish to have a model produced of your ship or boat, we are available to visit your vessel – measure it – no matter whether a yacht or a 900 foot TANKER which we have successfully carried out in the past, where we measure, photograph and prepare new General Arrangement drawing (such examples being the MATHEW Tanker, a DELOS Gas Tanker, a Mega Yacht, the Charisma, the Stanislaw YUDIN Heavy Lift, and several more. We then build the model!




Purchasing a ship model today through the Internet is very difficult. It could be called “minefield” to say the least – as virtually every Model Company who touts its ship models, whether they are good or poor quality – classify their ship models as supposedly “Museum Quality”!

These are papers available from both the Smithsonian Institute, as well as Mariners Museum & Mystic Seaport Museum, as well as the STANDARDS (quality requirements) of the International Maritime Museum Models, that would be horrified at MOST of the ship models supposedly of the Quality set down by them.

Such description of “Museum Quality” should be a warning to the would-be purchaser to be aware!

The famous S.S. United States

The famous S.S. United States - will she sail again?


A Maritime Replicas ship model, Off Shore Oil RIG model, or model of a PORT or Chemical Factory, just cannot be imitated. Besides continuous work in researching, perfecting and improving the many techniques that have been handed down through many generations, we also include numerous unique techniques that we have developed over many years, such as the use of Acid Etching of brass that has nearly become a “lost art” today, and a specially developed LACQUER that adheres to All materials and lasts perfectly for generations after generations and provides LIFE to our Ship models –many people making the comment about our Ship models that they “LIVE”!



Individually Hand-crafted —
Not Machine Made

Photographs don’t lie – they say –, but they don’t tell all of the truth either!

One well known Competitor of Maritime Replicas ‘admits’ that his Company builds their ship models with a solid Mahogany hull and the Superstructure consists of “various other woods” and the model has a combination of plastics, putty, resin, and metals (what metals?) – and seeing photographs professionally produced, his models look quite good – until the model is received!

Beautiful Charisma

"Beautiful Charisma"

Seeing a Maritime Replicas ship model it is obvious it cannot be imitated as Maritime Replicas is always an exact replica of the actual vessel – this being possible as we have a special understanding of HOW the actual ships are built and only a true artist who has a proper understanding of how the ships of old and new were and are constructed and sailed, can capture the majestic lines and beauty of all ships – even the lowly Cargo boat and ALL of our ship models “live”! The “passion” that we have for ship can be seen quite plainly in all of our model ships!

It is not a “Job” – it is “LOVE”!

Time for Production

It is very unusual for us to have “stock” or “inventory” of models, as we build models to the Client’s requirements and thus, we are “true” custom modelers. We do not compete with other companies, who keep inventory of many ships.

Our average time for production is three (3) months.

However, with our “Classic Atlantic Liners” we keep to the scale of 1:350.

In order to keep our prices as competitive as possible against wood models that are basically “machine made”, we try to obtain from 3 to 5 orders for any specific ship –but a “one Off” model does not cost that much more, and we are always ready to negotiate, if needed!

Progress Reports

Once we complete our initial preparation and begin the physical building of your Ship model in parts –as is the building of actual ships today– with many parts being produced individually, we then send email photographs to you on a regular basis to keep you informed of progress and what details that will be seen once the finish is applied.

It is fascinating and great to watch your model ship slowly coming alive!

Registered & Certified

Maritime Replicas registers each ship model and any other type of model in the name of the Owner and a Certificate of Authenticity & Registration is issued with every ship model.


All models are produced to Individual Order with an optimum delivery time of 3 months.

Prices vary according to complexity, size and quantity.

A substantial reduction is possible if a “series production run” is achievable.



RMS Lusitania

RMS Lusitania

RMS Mauretania

RMS Mauretania


50% down payment to begin the process – with the balance payable at completion of the model with a gallery of all sides and views of the model, in order for the Client to make comment or add something forgotten or removed before shipping out!


We don’t accept personal checks and/or Money Orders.

*Direct Bank transfers are preferable to eliminate possible "hacking".

Duty and Taxes

The Handcrafted nature of our superior quality models has resulted in them being classified as “Works of Art” by the International Tariff Code and, as a result, our products are not subject to Import Duties, except such Taxes as VAT in some countries!! We do not include them in our Price Quotations.

Shipping, Handling and Insurance

The client is responsible for Shipping and Insurance once the model/s are complete.
Maritime Replicas will assist the Shipping Agent or Company with any problem that hopefully will not occur.

We usually ship by DHL, but if you have a different preference or wish to ship by Airfreight or for large quantities, it may be better by Sea Freight as “Consolidated Shipping” (which we have always found to be both reliable and without damage). Sea Freight has a maximum time element of approximately one (1) month to most countries.

We always automatically insure ALL models together with the Shipper Company, and the price is indicated as one price.

We do not charge for Handling!

MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa


We pack all of our ship models in “double boxing” with the Outer box being of wood and all spaces in the two boxes being filled with “foam” packing against any impact. And as Maritime Replicas develops in a fascinating and exciting way over the years – and is presently re-organizing in a number of areas, we feel that we have played an important part in the recognition of the “beauty” if ships – the very important connection of countries and people since civilization began! We hope that we have played a part in the Heritage of Ships by being as accurate as humanly possible with many types of vessels!

Queen Mary Z

Queen Mary Z

Example of our
new engineering skills

Example of our
new engineering skills


We hope that we have played a part in the Heritage of Ships by being as accurate as humanly possible with many types of vessels!

Contact us at 305-921-9690, today, to speak with the experts in building Maritime Replicas and discuss your ideal model ship.